How to Help


Since 1954, the Homewood PMA, a non-profit organization, has been supporting the outstanding music program of District 153.  That is over 60 years of continuous service!

Did you know that the PMA:
• purchases instruments, uniforms and equipment for band, choir and orchestra
• subsidizes school field trips that expose all students to classical musical performances
• provides half scholarships to students attending Summer Youth Music Camp
• pays for half of the cost of choir accompanists for 4th-8th grade

Every child in District 153 is part of the music program not just the members of the bands, choirs and orchestras. Won’t you help support the arts in our schools and enrich your own child’s education by becoming a member of the Parent Music Association? Family memberships are only $10. Donations of TIME are also welcome.

As school districts throughout Illinois struggle to balance their budgets in this environment of decreasing revenues, organizations like the Homewood PMA become more and more crucial. Through fundraisers and a variety of community outreach, we provide solid footing for the music teachers to provide a rich spectrum of opportunities to the children in our district.

• Music Camp Scholarships....
• Accompanists for the choirs....
• Band, Orchestra, and Choir uniforms....
• Field trip opportunities for all students....
• New instruments….

For over 50 years, the PMA has worked closely with music teachers and administration to identify gaps in the district budget. And then we reach out to the community and seek to fill those needs.

By working together we can help young musicians flourish.

And that's music to everyone's ears.