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Dear Parents of Homewood District 153,

Unfortunately, with everything that is going on and with the extended school closure, (and uncertainty of chocolate available to fulfill orders) the PMA has made the decision to cancel the PMA Spring Chocolate sale.  It is unfortunate that this must happen considering that this is the PMA’s biggest fundraiser of the year, but if we were to try to proceed, we would be cutting it close to the end of the school year for distribution.  We greatly appreciate all the hard work that the students and parents have put in selling chocolate.  All orders that have been turned in will be returned (PMA will be contacting parents and arranging for the return of the orders and money).  Any online purchases will be refunded as well.  The PMA will continue to strongly support the music and students in our school district, and we look forward to a much stronger 2020 / 2021 school year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at homewoodpma@gmail.com.  Thank you for all your continued support!  Please stay safe and healthy!

Ken Jursa
President – Homewood PMA

PMA = Music in our Schools

Every child in District 153 is part of the music program not just the members of the bands, choirs and orchestras.  Won’t you help support the arts in our schools and enrich your own child’s education by becoming a member of the Parent Music Association? Family memberships are only $10. Donations of TIME are also welcome.

Since 1954...

The Homewood PMA, a non-profit organization, has been supporting the outstanding music program in district 153.

63 years of continued service!

Did You Know That the PMA:

  • purchases instruments, uniforms, and equipment for band, choir and orchestra
  • subsidizes school field trips that exposes all students to classical music performances
  • provides half scholarships to students attending Summer Youth Music Camp
  • pays for half of the cost of choir accompanists for 4th–8th grade

The Homewood PMA Needs You!

Even if you cannot volunteer your time, your $10 membership helps to ensure the continued success of our organization.

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In order to keep the music programs at District 153 strong, we need to be able to maintain a strong stream of revenues into the Homewood PMA. One of our primary fundraising methods is through magazine sales. You can buy or renew subscriptions all year long, putting much needed funds into our organization. And from there, we can use those funds to bring our music programs to the next level.